LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. Select BATA Foundation for Her Story Initiative
April 21 2016

LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. Select BATA Foundation for Her Story Initiative

The BATA Foundation is selected to take part of a program that improves literacy and empowers young girls.

Our modest foundation is thrilled to be taking part in a global initiative that we truly believe in and one in which the children will truly benefit. We've been selected to take part in the Her Story initiative organized by LitWorld and Global G.L.O.W. Her Story is focused on improving literacy and empowering disadvantaged, young girls around the world who may be on the brink of success. Select groups meet every week supervised by trained mentors. The weekly lessons are focused around building seven core strengths: belonging, curiosity, friendship, kindness, confidence, courage, and hope. The groups create a safe learning environment, which in turn fosters amongst the children: friendship, improved reading, writing, creative expression and speaking skills. The children's involvement in this program helps them to gain confidence in themselves, an understanding of their unique identity, their unique community, and a realization of the power of words and stories to affect a positive change. The program will run over the course of two years.

“LitWorld’s programs, including LitClubs, cultivate well-rounded, insightful individuals who are fortified to navigate the challenges they may encounter in their lifetime, and to become informed and compassionate 21st century global citizens. Equipped with strong literacy skills, LitClub members actively seek knowledge, advocate for positive change, connect to the world and improve their communities.”

— LitWorld International Inc.