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BATA Unofficially Begins
BATA unofficially begins by a group of friends with the seed capital of about $5000.00. Most donations went to existing homes for street children and conducting interviews to learn the ropes of operating an orphanage.



BATA Officially Registered
BATA officially registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, no major inflow of funds in which to purchase property or build a home. Continues to offer financial support to other existing orphanages.



BATA Gets its First Home
Susan Sunga generously offers her vacant home in Paranaque city to the BATA Foundation, rent-free for 5 years. Donations begin coming in.



The First Orphans
BATA opened its doors to 44 street children: 20 girls and 24 boys, referred over from Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). 



BATA Settles into Their Current Building
The 5 year agreement with Ms. Sunga expired leaving the BATA Foundation once again homeless. Then board member, Ms. Jane Mallari, offers her 3 story vacant home in her abandoned textile factory in Marikina city for BATA’s exclusive use, promising that “the children will never be homeless…worry no more.” BATA moves its operations to Marikina city. 



Armscor Acquires BATA Foundation Land
A Philippine arms company, Armscor, acquires a lease contract for the compound where the orphanage resides, but honors Ms. Mallari’s request that the orphanage be allowed to remain and operate. Armscor begins sending donations.



BATA Future Begins to Look Bleak
Ms. Jane Mallari passes away, and donations begin to dwindle. The original seed capital is estimated to last the foundation until 2013. BATA begins proceeding with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) for the eventual turnover of the children to the government and notifies its benefactors.



Armscor Supports BATA, Future Holds Promise
Armscor hears of impending closure of the orphanage and decides to take BATA under its wings, providing unconditional support for the operations. 



BATA Begins Disaster Relief Works
Disaster relief work and medical missions are carried out regularly following typhoons and other natural disasters. 



BATA Foundation Given Non-Profit Status
BATA Foundation is granted 501(c)3 non-profit status in the U.S.A. Expanding fundraising efforts in the U.S. to seek like-minded individuals with a heart for poor and orphaned children in the Philippines. 


A Letter From Our President


The Bata Foundation began in the Philippines in 1991 by a group of friends who shared a vision-- this vision was to create a place where orphaned children could go to find shelter and be cared for away from the negative influences of life on the streets. Through dedication, unwavering commitment, and a little bit of fate, the founders' dream slowly but surely became a reality. After a couple of years operating unofficially with few resources, learning the ropes along the way, the Bata Foundation Orphanage officially opened its doors in 2000 taking in a total of 44 children. In 2005 the orphanage moved to an abandoned textile factory in Marikina that was donated by one of the founding members.

“Tita Cris and Tita Mommy always support me and inspire me to move forward.”  -Mary, 23

After a few more years of barely scraping by with donations, the BATA Foundation caught the attention of a nearby company, Armscor, which happened to be leasing the same land on which the orphanage resided. One of the company's female executives noticed the orphanage located just a stones throw away, behind the factory; that year, she decided that she would celebrate her birthday with the children. This gesture of kindness blossomed into a full-fledged relationship over the years between Armscor and the BATA Foundation. Upon hearing of the founders' mission, vision, and lack of financial assistance, the company's CEO, pledged to take the orphanage under their wings providing whatever financial support was needed; Armscor, to this day, is the main benefactor to the foundation and the largest source of volunteers.

In 2015, BATA Foundation was granted non-profit status by the United States Federal Government under provision 501(c)(3). It is here in the United States, the most generous and giving of all nations, where we wish to collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies interested and moved by our cause, to fundraise, and support the girls in our orphanage, as well as expand our services to be able to help more abandoned children- boys and girls- who need our care.

Additionally, The Bata Foundation through the hands of its wonderful volunteers, has taken on the vital role of providing disaster relief operations throughout the Philippines, packing and distributing aid to those affected by natural disasters such as typhoons and flooding which unfortunately are routine occurrences in the Philippines. We have been able to raise funds for aid distribution and medical missions following typhoons such as: Ondoy (Ketsana) in 2009, Falcon (Meari) in 2011, Haiyan (Yolanda) in 2013, and Koppu (Lando) in 2015 just to name a few. Through the help of all of our generous donors, and selfless volunteers, we continually strive to be the hands that help the poor.


Camille Tuason, President